Market Street Church Market Street Baptist United-Reformed Church,~ Market Street, Nantwich, Cheshire. CW5 5DG~  01270 611634   -     Contact Morning Worship every Sunday 10.30am with Junior Church and Creche

Service of Prayer with communion 1st Sunday of month 5.00pm

Market Street Church, like all churches, is a collection of individuals who have committed themselves to each other through their common belief in Jesus Christ. We are individuals but also together seek to live out our Christian lives as a community, giving mutual support, encouragement and love. As a community we seek to serve one another and the wider community in which we are set. We believe that together we are the body of Christ, exhibiting, we trust, the qualities and gifts possessed by Jesus himself. In this we fail daily for we are ordinary, fallible, people. But we believe passionately that we are loved by God and called and enabled by him to live a life of discipleship

We invite you to join us as we worship God together and find his purpose for our lives.

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Easter at Market Street

Maundy Thursday 7.30pm Communion Service with Tenebrae (Service of the Shadows)

Easter Sunday 10.30am All-Age Celebration with communion